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We think most of us would like to have more energy, more personal power. Synergy can be a wonderful source of personal empowerment. It arises when we have our values, desires, and goals aligned in harmony; when our financial wealth and our personal well-being are pulling us in the same direction. You see, we’re not…

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In the short run, stock markets are all about emotions. When investors feel confident they buy stocks, pushing stock prices up; and when investors feel afraid they sell stocks, pushing stock prices down. Stocks follow emotions, in the short run. In the long run, stock markets are all about profits. As the economy grows, corporations…

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Everyone should watch David Christian’s Ted Talk, “The History of Our World in 18 Minutes”.  It’s fascinating…and enlightening. It wonderfully puts everything in perspective. Fourteen billion years of history, from the Big Bang to the luxurious middle class lifestyle spreading throughout the world over the past 200 years. Yes, our middle class lifestyle is barely…

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Happy people are busy achieving things.  That’s just the way we’re built.  Achievement is one of the elements of human flourishing. Last week Patty talked about achieving financial goals.  I want to add achieving personal goals to the conversation. This is important for us at BluestoneFinancial because there is a powerful synergy between financial achievement…

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ACHIEVING GOALS is the second row on THE BLUESTONE HIERARCHY OF WEALTH & WELL-BEING. Achieving financial goals is the natural outcome of following the first row of the Hierarchy, MANAGING THE MONEY. It’s all about cause and effect.  Do this…and you’ll get that.  Manage your money these seven ways and you’ll achieve these five financial…

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As the weeks roll by, the COVID-19 challenge can feel stiffer and stiffer.  If ever we faced a time that called for personal resilience, this is it. It’s not easy to adjust one’s financial plans in order to stick to one’s financial strategy.  It’s not easy to remain wise, warm and cool headed when uncertainty…

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Historically, stock markets fall over 10%, called a Correction, about three of four times in every five years, and they fall over 20%, called a Bear Market, almost twice every five years. Nevertheless, I can tell you that Terry and I never worry about our investments. Here’s why; it’s simple, but it works for us….

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April 27 is our wedding anniversary.  Patty and I have been married for 33 years.  To say that I got lucky is quite an understatement. Patty and I have been lucky in another way.  Throughout our married life we have had the awesome privilege of watching our clients live their lives.  This has been life…

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In “FEWER, RICHER, GREENER”, Laurence Siegel writes:  “We are on the verge of the greatest democratization of wealth and well-being that the world has ever known”. Every time we have a recession, a bear market, a crisis, some folks declare it to be the end of the trend.  But, something amazing emerged in the mid-18th…

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Positive Psychology, the science of human flourishing, lists six characteristics of a flourishing life, summed up as PERMAV. Two weeks ago I spoke about Vitality, today I want to touch on R, Relationships. A new phrase has appeared, “social distancing”.  We’ve never heard that one before.  Under normal circumstances we would find “social distancing” offensive…

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