The Bluestone Processfor Wealth and Well-Being

Together with our clients we follow the Bluestone five-step process for securing wealth and enjoying well-being.  The goal is to grow and secure wealth and enjoy the life that wealth affords.

The five steps build on each other, creating a synergistic flow.  All five are continuously reviewed and uniquely applied to each client’s evolving life-stages.

Clients are welcome to approach The Process in any way that is personally comfortable; begin where you are most comfortable, drill deeper into any step that you are drawn to, and if any step doesn’t interest you leave it out.

The Bluestone Process is highly adaptable, and highly effective, in whatever mode of application clients choose.

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Holistic Approach

  • The process is comprehensive, encompassing the whole
  • Clients’ balance sheets are central; securing wealth is key
  • Tax minimization strategies are considered at each step
  • Estate plans are regularly reviewed and updated


Personal Financial Planning

  • The process is tailored to suit each client
  • The process is implemented at each client’s discretion
  • Each client’s evolving life directs ongoing planning


Behind The Scenes Care

  • We accurately manage the details for each client
  • We rigorously research top success strategies
  • Our website provides information and account access


Growth Investing

  • We pursue superior long-term investment results
  • We search for top money managers
  • We monitor them with ongoing due diligence


Bluestone Community

  • Clients’ progress is reviewed in regular personal meetings
  • Bluestone seminars keep clients inspired and connected
  • Bluestone memos keep clients informed and in the loop
  • Terry & Patty remain available and responsive to clients

Let’s connect. We’re happy to hear from you.