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10% RULE

June 25, 2019 | Memo

There are countless budgeting strategies; some good, some bad, some complicated, and some just plain silly.  We think the very best budgeting system is to follow the 10% rule: invest 10% of your income, monthly, and live on the remaining 90%.

This is a simple sure-fire way to grow wealth.  For example, $1,000 invested monthly for thirty years in a portfolio earning 10% grows to over two million dollars.  This budget works!

Here’s our proposal.  Let’s work together to inspire our children and grandchildren to build their own wealth by budgeting this way.  Together we can help them become wealthy.

If you want start by giving someone a good read check out “The Richest Man in Babylon” on Amazon.ca.  This 1926 classic wonderfully tells the story of becoming wealthy by following the 10% rule.

This memo was prepared solely by Terry and Patty Rempel who are registered representatives of FundEX (a member of the Mutual Funds Dealers Association of Canada and the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation). The views and opinions, including any recommendations, expressed in this memo are those of Terry and Patty Rempel. Bluestone Financial is a personal trade name of Terry and Patty Rempel.

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