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21 Success Secrets

May 8, 2019 | Memo

21 Success Secrets

We recently re-read Brian Tracy’s “The 21 SUCCESS SECRETS OF SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES”…for about the hundredth time lol.  This remarkable little book, so simple yet so profound, never stops inspiring us with its clear pathway to wealth.

Brian Tracy alerts us all to the reality that securing wealth is mostly about non-financial matters. In fact, only one of his 21 secrets is financial (save and invest 10% of your income).  The other 20 are about character, habits, processes, lifestyle, and so on – matters of well-being.  The research makes it abundantly clear that wealth and well-being go hand in hand; pursuing both is the great secret to being a millionaire.

Seventeen years after it was first published it still stands as a great and inspiring read.  The book is available on Amazon; if you want to inspire someone, this may be the perfect gift.

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Wealth and Well-being. Be rich.

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