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Health, Wealth, and Happiness

February 22, 2019 | Memo

Health, Wealth, and Happiness

In their remarkable book, “Loneliness”, John Cacioppo and William Patrick ask a whopper of a question: “What is the key to health, wealth, and happiness?”   Here is their answer, drawn from years of research: “You are fundamentally a social being.  The key to it all is to form strong social ties that are meaningful and satisfying, both to you and to those around you, near and far.”

Interesting that the authors include wealth in their success formula.  We all intuitively know that strong social ties contribute to health and happiness…but wealth too?  Yes, research shows that folks with strong social ties earn more income and build up more wealth.

Want to strike up an interesting conversation with someone?  Mention that you have a hot idea about how to get rich.  Once they eagerly ask what it is, lay it on them…it’s friendship!

This memo was prepared solely by Terry and Patty Rempel who are registered representatives of FundEX (a member of the Mutual Funds Dealers Association of Canada and the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation). The views and opinions, including any recommendations, expressed in this memo are those of Terry and Patty Rempel. Bluestone Financial is a personal trade name of Terry and Patty Rempel.

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