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October 28, 2020 | Memo

“Wealth is not determined by investment behaviour, but by investor behaviour.”

On our last BluestoneMemo I talked about investment behaviour. Now let’s turn our attention to investor behaviour. What does successful investor behaviour look like?

Early in our career Patty and I discovered something huge. You, our clients, generously did business with us, but much more important, you welcomed us into your life and allowed us to get to know you. What a privilege. What an eye-opener. What we saw changed our life. It was obvious that our clients were not just doing well financially, they were also doing well personally. You are not just securing wealth, you are also enjoying well-being.

This led us on a search. We wanted to know why. We studied widely; great thought leaders like Brian Tracey, we still love his book, “The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”; and, of course, Dr. Thomas Stanley, his brilliant research summed up in his marvelous book, “The Millionaire Next Door.”

…And then we stumbled onto University of Pennsylvania Professor Dr. Martin Seligman, and the burgeoning field of Positive Psychology.

Patty and I have now been studying Positive Psychology for almost twenty years. You’ve heard us talk about it at our BluestoneSeminars. This year I took a seat on the board of directors of the CANADIAN POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION. And Patty is taking a leading role in developing a new CPPA website, as well as directing staff and administration changes.

Around the world, twenty-four countries have a national Positive Psychology association. At this time, Canada’s association is in need of renewal, but things are stirring.

Many of you have met the CPPA founding President, and now returning President, Louisa Jewell. She spoke at our February 2019 BluestoneSeminar. Patty and I first got to know her in 2018; she was our facilitator when we studied to obtain our CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.

We want to play a part in fostering well-being across Canada. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us in this exciting journey.

Since the 1950s Positive Psychology has been scientifically researching people who are flourishing, people who are enjoying authentic happiness and well-being and are living a life worth living; people like you.

Positive Psychology is the science of human flourishing. The findings of this science is summed up by the acronym PERMAV. P-E-R-M-A-V, the six elements of human flourishing.

PERMAV is an amazing formula. But it’s not a panacea, and it’s not the only way to well-being. It takes work and effort, after all, Positive Psychology is a call to change, and change is not easy. PERMAV is a formula that works. The results people experience in their life are exhilarating.

For you, looking into PERMAV might feel like looking into a mirror. You’ll see who you are, how you are living your life, and why you are doing well. Truth is, many of you have been living PERMAV for many years, without even knowing about Positive Psychology.

PERMAV: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement, vitality. You can read more about it in our booklet, “How To Be Rich”. A free copy is available on our website, or we can mail you a printed copy if you like.

If you’re interested, keep an eye on the CPPA. Exciting things are happening and you can join in: follow the website (a new site will be up in a month or two), take out a membership, volunteer, contribute, attend events, meet people…and talk to us about it if you like.

“Wealth is not determined by investment behaviour, but by investor behaviour.”

Positive Psychology confirms the behaviour that leads to wealth and well-being. And you are the proof that it works. Thank you for letting us discover this by watching you.

This memo was prepared solely by Terry and Patty Rempel who are registered representatives of FundEX (a member of the Mutual Funds Dealers Association of Canada and the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation). The views and opinions, including any recommendations, expressed in this memo are those of Terry and Patty Rempel. Bluestone Financial is a personal trade name of Terry and Patty Rempel.

Wealth and Well-being. Be rich.

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