Securing Wealth

The Bluestone Process

Together with our clients we follow the Bluestone five-step process for securing wealth and implementing sound financial planning.

Personal Financial Planning

Our process is customized to reflect each client’s personal financial objectives.

Holistic Approach

Our process is comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum.

Growth Investing

Our process is driven by the pursuit of superior long-term investment results.

Behind the Scenes Care

Our ongoing research ensures top success strategies are recommended to clients.

Bluestone Community

Meetings, seminars & memos. Our clients are informed, inspired and connected.

What Makes Us Different?

We offer our clients the personal client-centered nature of our boutique, Bluestone Financial, while offering our clients access to the best of the financial world.

We live our practice. Our interests are aligned with our clients’ interests. We offer our clients independent, unbiased advice, advice we personally follow. Our clientele is our community; we walk the walk together and we enjoy the results together.

We do this for YOU.

Our clients are easy to like, authentic, down to earth, common sense family folk; most are self-made, either small business owners, corporate executives or professionals. They have a net worth of approximately $750,000 to multi-millionaire level, and they possess a sense of who they are and how they want to live. Many are middle-aged, some are retired. Many have been with us for 10 or 15 years, and some from our very start in 1985.

Let’s connect. We’re happy to hear from you.