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Patty and Terry Rempel
Terry and Patty Rempel


“Our passion is securing wealth and enjoying well-being along with our clients. We’re here to serve, and to have conversations, so please call upon us.”

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How to get rich? What’s the secret?

Truth be told, there is no secret. It’s common knowledge. Books, blogs, seminars, TV shows, financial advisors…the way to get rich is widely proclaimed. Which begs the question: if the way to get rich is common knowledge, why isn’t everyone rich?

Because the critical question is not how to GET rich, it is how to BE rich. Just about anyone can get rich, but only if they also learn how to be rich. Wealth starts with self-development and then flows from the inner person. Hence our philosophy about Wealth and Well-being. Wealth and Well-being are like a horse and carriage, one pulls and the other carries, both are necessary.

To grow, secure, and enjoy wealth one needs the character strengths of well-being. There is a powerful synergy between Wealth and Well-being; well-being provides the character strengths to secure wealth, and wealth affords a richer experience of well-being.

A virtuous circle emerges where well-being increases wealth, and wealth increases well-being, in an upward spiral of flourishing.

The Bluestone Mission

Walk the way of wealth and well-being with our clients.

The Bluestone Goal

A community of flourishing clients inspiring others to flourish.