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About Bluestone

Who Are We?

Hello.  We’re Terry & Patty Rempel, founders of financial advisory firm Bluestone Financial, Certified Financial Planner® professionals and Certified in Applied Positive Psychology.

Practicing since 1985, we have developed a process to achieve solid results for our clients.

Born and raised in St. Catharines, we live in an historic downtown home that we personally renovated, and is the location of our office.  Our son Josh is a family physician in Niagara. The three of us spend weekends renovating his mid-century home.

We enjoy a simple lifestyle, striving to fill our life with purpose and pleasure, and good people.  We believe in life-long learning and ongoing personal growth, pursuing physical, social, psychological and spiritual health – and, of course, financial health too.  We consider ourselves fortunately blessed and self-made, reflecting our belief that just about anyone can “be rich”.

About Bluestone

What Do We Do?

We help our community of clients secure wealth and enjoy well-being.

Click here to view “The Bluestone Wealth and Well-being Hierarchy”.

About Bluestone

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We are driven by our beliefs about wealth and well-being, convinced that just about anyone can be rich:

  • We believe wealth makes life better, for the wealthy and for those around them. Investing well and executing sound financial plans pay wonderful dividends.
  • We believe anyone can secure wealth; that is, secure an investment portfolio that provides an income for life, and achieve the essential five financial goals, by managing seven areas of money.  See the “The Bluestone Wealth and Well-being Hierarchy”.
  • We believe wealth and well-being are interrelated and interdependent, and share a powerful synergy.  A virtuous circle emerges where well-being increases wealth, and wealth increases well-being. Click here for free e-booklet “How to be Rich”.
About Bluestone

How Do We Do What We Do?

Together with our clients we follow “The Bluestone Process for Wealth and Well-being”.  Our multi-layer five-step process allows clients to engage with us at their personal comfort level and pursue their unique interests and aspirations.  Click here to view our process.

About Bluestone

Who Do We Do This For?

Our clients are easy to like, authentic, down to earth, common sense family folk; most are self-made, either small business owners, corporate executives or professionals. They have a net worth of approximately $750,000 to multi-millionaire level, and they possess a sense of who they are and how they want to live. Many are middle-aged, some are retired. Many have been with us for 10 or 20 years, and some from our start in 1985.

About Bluestone

What Makes Us Different?

We offer our clients the personal client-centered nature of our boutique, Bluestone Financial, while offering our clients access to the best of the financial world.

We live our practice. Our interests are aligned with our clients’ interests. We offer independent, unbiased advice, advice we personally follow.

Our clientele is our community.  We walk the way of wealth and well-being with our clients.

About Bluestone

Why Should You Do This With Us?

Because the golden rule is our guide: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Because our Bluestone community is a wonderful place to pursue wealth and well-being.

Because together we can each be rich.

Wealth and Well-being. Be rich.

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